Sintered Copper Paste

Higher hardness and lower CTE than sintered silver paste

SiC (silicon carbide) power modules, crucial for improving electric vehicle efficiency, utilize SiC for its high efficiency and ability to operate at elevated temperatures. To optimize SiC's benefits, power module components, including die-bonding and bonding materials, must ensure high heat resistance, dissipation, and reliability.

Resonac's Sintered Copper Paste, with the following features, allows better reliability than sintered silver, while having equivalent thermal conductivity.

  • 300W/m⋅K thermal conductivity
  • Higher hardness, and lower CTE than conventional silver paste
  • Enhances heat resistance, dissipation

What will you discover in this whitepaper?

Resonac’s Sintered Copper Paste is suitable for efficient, high-output, miniaturizable SiC modules. Download now to delve deeper into the details.

Product Features

  • Superior reliability
  • Heat dissipation equivalent to sintered silver

Technical Characteristics

  • Die-bonding use/Large-area bonding use
  • Comparison of other bonding materials (High-Pb solder, Sintered Ag paste)

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